Classes Offered


Water Color Classes with Nancy Graham

Nancy is a graduate of the Design Department at UC Davis and holds a secondary teaching credential in Art and English.  Unfortunately, her teaching career was brief due to moving about for her husband’s career, and soon thereafter she was busy raising twin boys.  Her desire for painting in oils and acrylics, which was also encouraged by her artist mother, had to take a backseat in those early years and it wasn’t until 4 ½ years ago that the interest was rekindled, but his time watercolor became her passion. 

She has studied with two instructors in the Grants Pass area and signs up for every workshop that scheduling will permit.   Her paintings have taken many first place ribbons and People’s Choice awards in local studio shows as well as the Josephine County Fair.    She is a Past President of the Josephine County Artists Association, a member of the Rogue Gallery, the Grants Pass Museum of art and the Southern Oregon Society of Artists.  Eager to share her watercolor  passion with others , she looks forward to working with the folks at The Artist Attic to bring affordable, interesting and challenging classes to the Southern Rogue Valley. 

Beginning Students: Beginning students will learn the fundamentals of art theory through the use of basics watercolor techniques and will be instructed in developing composition, texture, drama through the use of strong value gradations, and color mixing. Projects will include paintings of florals, still lifes, animals, landscapes and nature studies. The basic designs for all works will be provided in class. This class is offered to those who have never been exposed to watercolors and have had little art instruction and little or no experience painting in any other medium. a list of suggested materials will be provided prior to the first class or a low cost starter kit may be purchased. 

Intermediate Students: The class for intermediate students is designed for those who have had some basic watercolor instruction and are ready to begin composing their own paintings with sample sketches and use of color, samples of compositions from which to work, and a gentle critique of the students' progress at the end of each class. The goals is to help students expand their watercolor instruction through on-going projects, yet allowing the students to create original works. A list of suggested supplies will be provided prior to the first class. 

All Classes are on-going, so you may jump in at any time! Cost is $60 a month, and you have the choice of four classes, which are held Mondays 9:300-12:30, and 1:00-4:00 or on Tuesdays 9:30-12:30, and 1:00-4:00

Please contact Nancy Graham for more information or to sign up for one of here classes! 

Her phone number is 541 779 1697 and/or her e-mail address is



Acrylic Painting Classes with Terri Regotti


Terri is an award winning artist and teacher whose work has been collected for as long as she has taught (over 30 years). Her students have ranged in age from 3 to 93! Terri has taught in the public and private schools of Florida where she lived until 2016. She is thrilled to be in the beautiful Rogue Valley. Terri currently teaches at RCC through the Department of Community Education. She also offers private art lessons and professional critiques. Terri is an extremely versatile artist who works in mixed media, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, color pencils, clay, ect. She was raised in Pennsylvania and in 1984 she graduated from our nation's number one visual art school, the Rhode Island School of Design. Taking a class with Terri means that one will be responsible for conceptual thinking and applying one's own creativity. Terri's strengths include: patience, guidance, kindness, showing students how she uses a medium and critiquing which she views as one of the most important aspects of the art process. 

Acrylic Classes: As a professional artist, I will teach you all that I know! Since all students will be at different levels, I want to make sure that students have an understanding of color theory. So if you have not ever made a color wheel, that will be a basic beginning project. I want to make sure that students understand the acrylic medium, so exploration of acrylics will happen with teacher assigned projects. Students may also begin painting their own ideas and subject matter which they are interested. All Classes are on-going, so you may jump in at any time!

Classes are offered Tuesday evening 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Cost of the class is $15.

Please contact Terri Regotti for more information or sign up for one of her classes!

She can be reached at 541 500 1319 or e-mailed at



Drawing Classes with Jean Hanna

Jean Hanna has taught art for 20 years, all ages, all medias. She is certified by the state of Oregon to teach art and taught 16 years in the Eugene school district. She is now interested in providing opportunities for fun with art teaching older adults including people experiencing some physical challenges. The class is open to anyone, any level. But she really wants to encourage beginners. You are never too old to make art!

Drawing Classes - Anyone Can Draw - this class will teach the basic skills that can be used to draw anything, still life objects, animals, landscape objects, and people. Jean will draw with students to show them how.  After mastering the beginning skills, students may bring in something that they would like to draw. 

Please call the store to sign up and reserve your spot in the class today! 541-512-0040  

Classes are offered Wednesdays from 1:30 - 3:30 and the cost per session is $12.00. 

Please bring pencils, erasers, colored pencils, and a 9x12 sketch pad.

If you have any questions you may e-mail the instructor directly at 


Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils with Terri Regotti

What will the class be like?

Prisma brand color pencils and color sticks are one of my favorite ways to work. They are a versatile medium used on their own or in combination with watercolor etc. As an artist and teacher, my goal is always to help a student achieve their goals with the medium and subject matter. I encourage a student to pick their own ideas that I can assist them with. However, I am also open to assigning beginning students projects that will introduce them to color theory and application of the pencils/sticks.


I prefer my students use the PRISMA brand color pencils/sticks. They are the professional grade standard. Sets come as large as 150 colors. I encourage students to shop for the most colors that they can afford. The papers (and boards) that color pencils can be applied to range from both hot (smooth surface) and cold press (texture surface) to architectural vellum, which creates a photographic effect. I recommend starting with a pad 11” x 14”. A good hand sharpener, blending stick. Color papers can also be used. We can discuss these things in class to make sure you are buying materials to help you achieve your goal!


Classes are offered Fridays from 11:00 AM - 1:00 pm. Cost of the class is $15.

Classes are on-going so sign up and join anytime!

Please contact Terri Regotti for more information or sign up for one of her classes!

She can be reached at 541 500 1319 or e-mailed at


Mixed Media

Mixed Media with Terri Regotti

 What will the class be like?

I consider myself a mixed media artist. By background is Textile Design. In this class I will teach you all that I do with mediums, glues, paints and using materials that everyday we throw away and pollute the earth with. I have been working this way for over 30 years. I will show you examples of all that can be done in mixed media, in either a relief, 2-D or 3-D, format. I always am willing to give ideas and assignments for students who are beginners and not sure what to do or how to begin. I want you to achieve your goals!

Materials: The list is endless. Basically everything you can think of from real objects, to papers, to plastics we throw out. I am very big on non-toxic glues, so one of my favorites is Elmer’s white glue and papier-mâché paste and strips, which can be utilized for securing objects on to surfaces. Your surface can be anything from Masonite board, to scrap wood, to plastic. I recommend that the first class we look at all the possibilities and formulate your idea so that you will know what you need. Looking at examples of mixed media work that I have created will help get you inspired because it is a way to create with using any and all materials. Happy gathering!


Classes are offered Fridays from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Cost of the class is $15.

Classes are on-going so sign up and join anytime!

Please contact Terri Regotti for more information or sign up for one of her classes!

She can be reached at 541 500 1319 or e-mailed at


Painting Animals

Painting Animals with Melissa Fairhurst

Learn to paint your favorite pets and local wildlife. Each class will feature techniques to better capture fur, feathers, or personalities. Open to beginners or experienced painters. A selections of portraits will be available to paint on an individual basis and one will be worked on as a group project, rotating every couple weeks as we complete them. Test your skills with the brush and complete portraits weekly! Students may join at ant time. Bring your basic supplies or buy a supply bundle for $45 through the instructor. Painting may be done with acrylics, oils, or watercolors - whatever you choose.

Classes are offered Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:30 pm. Cost of the class is $15.

Please call the store to sign up and reserve your spot in the class today! 541-512-0040   



Still Life with Melissa Fairhurst

Art class focused on reproducing still life displays. Each month we will create a new display and students are invited to gather with their supplies in any medium, drawing or painting. Instruction will be supplied regarding the subject and color theory as it applies. The rest of the class will be open for quiet study or discussion among students. Instructor will be available for questions as needed. Join anytime!

Classes  will be offered once a month. Feb 22nd from 5:00 - 6:30 . Cost of the class is $15.

Please call the store to sign up and reserve your spot in the class today! 541-512-0040   


Beginning Sculpture

Beginning Sculpture with Jean Hanna

Beginning Sculpture with Jean hanna, BA & MS in Art Equcation. Small sculpture using clay, paperclay, and papermachet... pinch pot, carved box, sculpted face, relief titles, bird ornaments, animals. You can purchase tools kits & boards from Scrappy Craft.

8 weeks - beginning February 21st - Thursdays 1:30-3:30

Cost of the class is $12 per class - $3 for clay and glazes

Please call the store to sign up and reserve your spot in the class today! 541-512-0040 

If you have any questions you may e-mail the instructor directly at


Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting with Cheryl Williams

Having fun with Abstract Painting! "Out of chaos comes balance and beauty" 

This class is about playing and making creative "mistakes". We'll cover the following important points:

- Release your inner critic

- Having fun again while painting

- Learning to experiment with abstract images

All skill levels and mediums welcome.

Cost of the class is $5.00 per person!

March 23rd from 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Call us to sign up and reserve a spot in the class today! 541-535-0040

For questions regarding the class, contact Cheryl Williams are 541-531-3677 or email:


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